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Galia Arad performs ‘Hearts In The Heartland’ for BalconyTV Nashville
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Galia is a true Midwestern girl -sans her values and domestic abilities. “I hear a way to a man’s heart is his stomach. That’s why I pretend to cook pies.” Although Galia feels weird writing a bio in 3rd person, she’s heard that it looks more professional. Galia Arad is a New York City based singer/songwriter whose classical musician parents and classical voice training steered her directly into the arms of rock ‘n’ roll. She is from Bloomington, Indiana- where her heart really is, but hopes that someday she can say the same about new york city. She is obsessed with her family and she is never ever bored. She hopes you love her music as much as she loves the boys she writes about. She’s kidding about the boys- she thinks bio writing is awkward and just wants to break the ice by making bad jokes.

She plays venues all over New York City and has also toured Ireland and Japan (where she not only gigged, but was the first place winner of a sake chugging contest and runner up of a wet kimono contest) As for her less impressive accomplishments, she is the winner of Songwriter Hall of Fame’s Abe Olman award for Excellence in Songwriting, and winner of The Great American Song competition. Galia, with much noise, has also caught the attention of one of her music idols, Shane MacGowan (from The Pogues), who wrote the liner notes for her sophomore album “Ooh La Baby”, and is featured on two tracks. Also featured on her folk/pop album: guitar legend Marc Ribot (who simply describes Galia as a “fucking good songwriter”), Bashiri Johnson, Elvis Costello’s rhythm section, and many other musicians that she loves to brag about. Galia just got back from a UK tour where she opened for (or as the English more eloquently say “did support for”) Jools Holland ending at Royal Albert Hall, so you can be sure Galia has been bragging about that as well. Galia will change this bio tomorrow and learn to act more confident and professional, hopefully also by tomorrow.

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