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BALCONYTV.COM 15/01/2008
At the tender age of six Carla Brunell began to indulge in an addiction that would engulf her life for the rest of her years.
As a young child Carla always loved to sing, this interest in music and performance was something that didn’t go unnoticed by her parents. At the age of six Carla was enrolled in a variety of activities to encourage this love of music and performance such as tap class, piano lessons and speech and drama. But she felt something was missing it wasn’t until she turned eight did she realize what that something was. Carla discovered her fathers guitar and his music.
Bizarrely it was the raspy voice of the legendary Bob Dylan that spoke and inspired this young girl to change directions in music and turn her attention to the guitar. At the age of eight she began to study the guitar and although she didn’t completely abandon the piano the guitar was definitely her focus now. She began to write her own original material at this age to the delight of her friends and family who she frequently performed for.
As she matured Carla decided she wanted to perform more publicly. Now entering her early teens Carla began to busk on Grafton Street alongside fellow musician Gina Moore and also under the watchful eye of her parents. She also met other well known buskers such James O’Toole, Damien Davis, Paddy Casey, Asha, Jimmy Quinn and Declan O’Rourke. She later formed a lasting partnership with James O’Toole and Asha. Carla began to regal Dublin with the melodic songs of the Beatles, the down to earth sounds of Neil Young and the gruff honesty of Bob Dylan.
Around 2001 at the age of 14 Carla began to play notable music venues around Dublin. Now in 2007 She has played most of on several times over these include the Boom Boom Room(Conways, Parnell St), Eamon Dorans, the Mezzanine( Alongside Ali and Dts and Peter Moore), Whelans( most notably the time she supported blue grass legend Alison Brown) and she headlined the Sugar Club. Before writing this bio, Carla noted to me that she had performed 59 gigs in 2006.
She has also been featured in several publications such as the Evening Herald and made a guest appearance on the TG4 show Cula 4. And most recently one of her songs was played on fm104.4

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