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Electric Guitar Type Rap Hip Hop Beat Instrumental

This is My latest Rap type beat 2018.
Hip Hop instrumental with Weird type Rap Beat x Guitar Rap instrumental with slight inspiration of Rock type Rap beat Instrumental vibe.
Electric guitar type Rap Beat


All tagged versions counts as free rap beats and can be downloaded and used for non-profitable, non-commercial projects as long I get credit ( Produced by Purple Six Beats ).
Please, keep in mind – if you want to make profit from the song, you must purchase a licence to the instrumental.
You cannot register your track on BMI/ASCAP or other Content ID system unless You own an exclusive license.


Purple Six Beats is growing source for Trippy Psychedelic rap beats and instrumentals, this channel was started in 2014, when young producer started making rap beat ,
rap beats and other hip hop instrumental rap beats. At some times genres vary going from rap beat, stoner 420 type rap beat, psychedelic trippy rap beat, old school rap beats and many more.

Hope you all enjoy my instrumental Hip Hop and rap beats, and Trippy music video!


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