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❀:・゚✧*IN THIS VIDEO・゚✧*❀ I head on over to Dave and Busters Arcade and I win an Electric Guitar from 18,000 Tickets! I also play a bunch of games with my friend Tyler/Tykim98! Watch to see all of our awesome wins 😀 & watch til the end to see my electric guitar skills! ☆:・゚✧* ┈┞┑┘┐┛ │└└┘┐! :・゚✧*☆ My Website: My Shop: My Second Channel: https:// Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: https:// Snapchat: Alyssaluvscali YouNow: https:// Business Email: ~*:・゚✧♥ ~*:・゚✧♥ ~*:・゚



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