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Thanks so much for watching my YouTube videos. Lately I have a lot of questions during my Instagram live sessions, so I decided to make my lesson videos. I am hoping that these videos will be helpful to all my private students and Skype lesson students. First lesson, I would like to share Fingering & Picking exercise. A lot people says You should practice scales! means pentatonic or Major scales. But I think it’s so important to practice Chromatic” scale. 1) From 1st fret to 9th fret (your first finger) …. goes like this. 1212 3212 3432 1234….. 2) Then go down (backward) from 12 fret (your 4th finger) 4343 2343 2123 4321…. It takes about 90 seconds to play this on one string. Please play it very slowly. If you feel any pain, STOP playing and relax your fingers. So you can



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