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Hi Folks, In this Video I’ll show you how to get the most out of your electric 12-String Guitar, if you’re after THAT sixties sound, made famous by George Harrison of the Beatles or Roger McGuinn of the Byrds I’m using my BilT 12-String Guitar, probably the best 12-String guitar you can get these days, and a real hommage to the Fender Electric XII. Please check them out, they have fantastic stuff ( The Pickups are made by Curtis Novak ( 1. Play with a thin Pick, (Dunlop 0.60 or 0.70, or any thin Pick will do. 2. Use a Compressor, any Ross Type Comp will do, here I’m using the AION Compressor from AION Electronics, there is a Treble Mode on it, not found on Keeley Comps, this will give you THAT McGuinn Sound, you’re after! (



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