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Atmospheric Rock Jam Track for Guitar in E Phrygian – Biosphere

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MangoJamz’ Very Cool Usage Policy

Okay, my fellow scoundrels, here is the official policy.

Personal Use

Feel free to download any of my tracks, and use them or share them. Links back or acknowledgements to Mangojamz are not required but certainly would be appreciated.

Video Responses

Video Responses are definitely welcomed, but please send me a link to the video, so that I can see what you have done. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, I really do enjoy seeing these things.

Commercial Usage: Our Road to Riches!

If you make money in any way with the track — e.g., playing the song in a band, using it in an advertisement or a movie sound track, etc — the first 1,000 USD gross is yours! However, if we ever meet, you are buying the beer! (It has to be good beer too, and not the stuff that tastes like you know what.) If you earn over 1,000 USD, then we need to sign a contract for my royalties, which is 20% of gross. So, what are you waiting for? Go make us rich. The lap of luxury awaits!!!

The Legend of MangoJamz

Who is Mango Jamz? Good question. He is probably human, and he may even be from this planet – although those who know him would surely disagree. What little is known is that he was washed ashore as a babe on an unknown island and raised by a she-wolf. She nurtured and succored him until one day, quit by impulse, he removed the guts of an island boar, dried it, and from the sinew made strings, which he attached to a turtle shell and a piece of wood. This was MJ’s first instrument, and he taught himself to play wild, uncontrolled post-apocalyptic Rock & Roll without ever having heard the music before. Still possessed of his demon musical urges, he was later “rescued” from the island by adults who attempted to assimilate him into “normal” society. They called him, Mango, because his first words to other humans were “Man-go Jam now.” However, Mango couldn’t quite fit with normal society, and for years he lived a life of silent alienation. His only solace was his turtle-shell-boar-guts guitar. Then, one day, he discovered Youtube, and all of his soon-to-be fellow miscreants… .

Ok, that was a bit over the top, wasn’t it?

Seriously, I am a guitarist and composer with some really cool software, a computer, some guitars and a mountain of loops. I have and will continue to compose Backing Tracks (a.k.a Jam Tracks) and “Jam-able” instrumentals for guitar. I strive to write backing tracks that are not only enjoyable to play with but are also distinctive and memorable.

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