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Bossa Nova Guitar Lesson #12: Advanced Bossa Nova Phrase 4444 in: Desafinado (Antonio Carlos Jobim – Newton Mendonça) This is loosely based on the first recording of Desafinado by João Gilberto from 1958. All the rhythmic phrases, the key (E major) and majority of the chords came from that recording, while some chords were replaced by those played by João Gilberto in his subsequent recordings (transposed from Eb and D that João would use later). Additionally some chords were changed, most important being F#7/-5 that replaced 7 that João used originally and 9 that he would use later on. The most challenging aspect of playing this song is maintaining smooth legato with quick and sometimes large chord jumps throughout the song as well as the large number of different chords (40). Whil



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