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How To Position A Bridge On An Electric Guitar Body

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In this video, I show how I determine the position of a hardtail bridge on an electric guitar body.

SuGar SG1 acoustic guitar build part 37: Profiling the sides (Steering the bus pt2)

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I use the jig I created in the previous video to profile the sides - a 15ft radius dome on the back, and a 28ft radius dome on the front.

SuGar SG1 acoustic guitar build part 36: Steering the bus

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I'm steering the bus! Or rather, I'm making a jig to make steering the bus a little easier. It holds the radius dish in place over the top of the guitar while I 'steer the bus' to sand the edges to a smooth domed prof...

Fender Custom J’man Relic Eric Clapton Sig. Stratocaster Electric Guitar, Masterbuilt by Todd Krause

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For more info: https:// Speak to a Private Reserve guitar advisor: 1-866-926-1923 1:08 - Position 1 // Boost demo 1:36 - Position 4 // Rock 2:06 - Position 3 // Blues 2:46 - Positions 2 â†' 5 // Clea...

Casimi C2 Signature Acoustic Guitar, Played By Will McNicol (Part One)

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This absolutely phenomenal Casimi C2 Signature is an old friend returning to The North American Guitar showroom on consignment. Originally sold back in 2014 this guitar was one of the first C2 Signatures from Casimi t...

Is This The NEW Golden Era of Acoustic Guitar? (AT54)

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➜All show notes and links: https://acousticlife.tv/at54/ ➜Get the show: https://tonypolecastro.com/get-acoustic-tuesday ➜iTunes Audio Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/acoustic-tuesday-show-with-tony-poleca...

how to set up an acoustic guitar : action height, fret buzz, intonation and more

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in this video I go over how to set up an acoustic guitar. I show how to alter the action height, and how to adjust the intonation. many people think you cant setup or adjust an acoustic guitar but you can. what I show...

BEHIND THE SCENES custom ELECTRIC GUITAR fabrication plant

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A behind the scenes look at Kiesel guitar workshop. August 09, 2018

YES… You Can Build An AMAZING Guitar With Scrap Wood Pt. 3

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I really am enjoying this guitar, even though it had to get places on the back burner for a while I have been thinking about it. Recently this project got a shot in the arm from a new internet troll who claims that ...

14 Mistakes to avoid when building your first acoustic guitar

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I talk about some of the mistakes that beginner luthiers make on their first acoustic guitar. #1 using woods of opportunity or reclaimed wood #2 using expensive wood #3 using highly figured wood #4 biting off more tha...

Matt Fits Some Guitar Necks… And You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

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Matt is having lots of fun with Super Strats especially when he gets to set the necks. Ya see, when you have the neck extend under the pickup you can make the heel a little smoother and all the advantages of our stand...

Handmade Electric Guitar Body Build Ziricote/Black Limba

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(This is just a hobby, I do it for fun) Materials: Tone wood - Black Limba Laminate top - Ziricote Parts: Pickups - Black Winter set from Seymour Duncan Generic stop-tailpiece, Gold Schaller roller bridge, Gold 3-way...

Mother of Pearl Inlay Procedure – Indian Rosewood Fingerboard – Acoustic Guitar

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Gluing Procedure: Rout a channel for the inlay as close to exact shape as possible. Depth will be about 1/64" shallower than thickness of inlay piece. Then mix some 24 hour epoxy with some sawdust from the same type o...

Basic Electric Guitar Wiring 101 (by request)

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This video scratches the surface of basic electric guitar wiring. By request. If this piques your interest for more, I suggest digging deeper in to the internet for more information. Many guitarists LOVE to talk about...


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- SUBSCRIBE if you want more on this or my other GREAT projects! - FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM ( - SUPPORT ME ON PATREON ( I've never built a guitar before, so when the opportunity to make a piece for the Rockler Plywood ...

simon patric luthier guitar fret leveling re-radius

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this video focus' on guitar fret leveling, because I am still so weak from flu and pneumonia I'm breaking this fret dressing into a series of videos instead of doing it all in one video. thanks for your kind words and...

Barn Wood Electric Guitar and Bass

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These guitars were inspired by James Hetfield's guitar made from Metallica's old rehearsal space. They are for sale at Tip Cup: My Patreon: My Website: My personal store: https://squareup.com/store/timsway My Po...


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finally back after not making any videos for more than 2 weeks. still weak and not good but better. this video I go over this Simon & Patrick guitar with a fine tooth comb! check out my findings! thanks for keeping it...

New Format – Baking Soday & Superglue Trick – Guitar Builder’s Basics – Episode 200

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Welcome to episode 200 of the Guitar Builder's Basics video podcast with Ben. To celebrate the 200th episode we are introducing a new format and Ben tackles a common question about the validity of the Baking Soda & S...

Golden Age Pre-wired Harnesses: premium hand-soldered pickup for electric guitars

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Whether you're replacing worn out components or working on a new build, luthier Erick Coleman shows how simple adding the wiring can be with our hand-soldered harnesses. Golden Age Pre-wired Harness for Telecaster ...

Heavily Modified Electric Guitar

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An inexpensive electric guitar is turned into a gloriously mismatched beast of a guitar.

SuGar SG1 acoustic guitar build part 27: Thicknessing the back and sides

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In this episode I use my home made drum sander to bring the back and sides to correct thickness.

Emma Maria – an Acoustic Archtop Guitar by Ruokangas

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This video tells you the story of why Juha wanted to introduce a Ruokangas acoustic archtop guitar. You will also learn how guitars are made at his shop. But most importantly, Juha tells us a special story of his pers...

Ultimate Guide To Changing Acoustic Guitar Strings

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Get 50% off Guitareo & a FREE YEAR of D'Addario Guitar Strings! â-ºhttps://goo.gl/82dM2L Many guitarists have a lot of questions when it comes to changing the strings on their acoustic guitar. In this lesson, Nate an...

Which Electric Guitar Strings Should I Buy?

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Enter to win a FREE Yamaha A3M Acoustic Guitar! CLOSES SOON! â-ºhttps://goo.gl/uwf2vm When you're first thinking about changing the strings on your electric guitar, all the options can be a little overwhelming. There...

The Upcycled Acoustic Guitar Build Part 1 – The Body and Neck Rough Out

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After replacing a fluorescent light fixture in my shop a while ago I thought I would use the reflector plate as the back of a guitar. I wonder how it will turn out?

Kiesel guitar shop – new headless acoustic model 04/05/2018

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livestreaming monster Jeff Kiesel brings us into his shop once again april 05, 2018 this account not affiliated with kiesel guitars https://

Electric Guitar… Dead?

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On this video Juha Ruokangas talks about the past, present and future of electric guitar, binding the topic together with his views of the state of rock music - its’ glorious past and what appears to be… well, not so ...

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