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Guitar Builders Basics Video Podcast – Episode 184

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Welcome back to Crimson Guitars and episode 184 of the revamped Guitars Builders Basics video podcast. In this video, Ben is answering your questions about oil finish techniques and troubleshooting. _______________...

Guitar Builders’ Basics Video Podcast – Episode 183

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Welcome back to Crimson Guitars and the revamped Guitars Builders Basics video podcast. Back by popular demand, Ben tackles the first podcast topic about drilling accurately and his favorite drill bits. ___________...

How to Get a Bigger Electric Guitar Sound Without Overpowering a Mix

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// // A video on mixing electric guitar in an alt-rock song. Download the free multitracks: â€" Hey folks, Matthew Weiss here â€" weiss-sound.com, theproaudiofiles.com, and advancedmixing.com. These multi-tracks...

How to Record Acoustic Guitar – Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro

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Sign up here to get exclusive videos and suggest topics How to record acoustic guitar on a budget. Warren Huart discusses importance of guitar choice, mic choice, and his personal favorite microphone position for re...

INSANE GUITAR TONE w/ JST ToneForge “Guilty Pleasure”

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https://joeysturgistones.com Jake Pitts of Black Veil Brides demonstrates the brand new amp from ToneForge and Joey Sturgis Guilty Pleasure and shows you how you can get amazing guitar tone just like this at home all...

How To Record Electric Guitar – With 1 Mic

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In this latest video of the "How To" series, Jason de Wilde from the Australian Institute of Music demonstrates recording an electric guitar with a single microphone. By positioning the mic in different locations arou...

Recording and Mixing an Acoustic Guitar

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View our entire catalog of classes and in-depth videos: https://prostudiolive.com/archives Blog: https://prostudiolive.com/blog Pro Studio Live and Signature Sound Studio bring you some of the most talented audio eng...

How to Create HQ Guitar Videos (Gear and Process)

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Monster Instrument Cables: Audio Interface: iMac Computer: Lights: Camera: Camera Tripod: SD Card for Camera: Lavalier Mic: Shotgun Mic: 50% off the 5-star rated Guitar Super System: 50% off 5 Exotic Guitar...

Studio One Take 5 Videos – Inserting Guitar Effects

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Main Site - Songwriting Site - For Music Production and Studio One Support go to- For Songwriting and support for Songwriters go to-

How to Mix Acoustic Guitar w/ EQ and Compression

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Instant access to every in-depth mixing course from Matthew Weiss: Learn compression: Learn to mix hip-hop: Improve your ears: Mixing tips: Matthew Weiss walks you through mixing the acoustic guitar for "Borrowe...

How To Record Acoustic Guitar – Mic Placement

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In this microlecture, we look at a technique for recording an acoustic guitar in stereo. Of primary importance is the choice and placement of the microphones, and we look at how the microphone can act like an equalise...

AMS Rig Rundown for Gibson 2016 Guitar Videos – GIbson 2016 Setup

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Check out this Rig Rundown featuring the setup we used to record our Gibson 2016 Videos & find this great gear at AMS. - Gibson Guitars - Fuchs Full House 50 - Xotic RC Booster - J Rockett The Dude - Sennheiser M...

How to Contextually EQ Acoustic Guitar in a Mix

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Instant access to every in-depth mixing course from David Glenn: Free mix training bundle: Mixing with Special FX: More tutorials: A video on a few ways to approach mixing acoustic guitar in the context of an arr...

How To Mix Electric Guitars – Into The Lair #96

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Dave Pensado shows you some methods that he uses to mix electric guitars in one of his mixes in our 96th Into The Lair from Pensado's Place. Subscribe to our channel: Please 'Like' and 'Follow'!

Make a 2×4 Acoustic Telecaster Guitar – 2014 2×4 Contest Winner

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I made this acoustic version of a Fender Telecaster using a single 8-foot 2x4 for the 2014 Summers Woodworking 2x4 Competition. Good luck to everyone who entered the contest. Read more about this project at Thank...

The Best 5 Ways To Record Guitar Onto Your Computer

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Want to start recording guitar onto your computer but you dont know which is the best? This video shows you the best ways to record guitar ranging from the best ways to get that professional studio quality sound to q...

How to Make an Electric Guitar | The Easy Way

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Step by step instructions on how to make a solid body guitar on the CNC using parts from a cheap Epiphone Les Paul. More photos and detailed instructions on my website: https://drunkenwoodworker.com/how-to-make-guitar...